Study Textile Engineering in Germany

Clothing is a big industry these days and Textile engineering will help you pursue a career in the Clothing industry. Textile engineering is all about being innovative finding new ways to revolutionize the clothing industry. It helps in improving the cloth quality and changing the way we dress.

Textile engineering is gaining pace in Germany because of the immense infrastructure Germany has and it really helps in progress of the industry. The industry has also several world class researchers which have helped immensely in improving the standard of the industry and introducing new concepts. Interdisciplinary teaching methods help students in maintaining equilibrium between different subjects of textile engineering. Lecturers also stress on improving social as well as interpersonal skills of the students here in Germany as it is required for the jobs they will be pursuing in the future.

Some of the famous universities that provide course in this subject are University of Applied Sciences in Berlin, University of Applied Sciences in HOF, University of Karlruhe, and University of Kassel. Master’s course in textile engineering is also provided in Germany after the candidate has attained the bachelor’s in textile engineering. Master’s in textile engineering is offered at a much lower price as compared to bachelors in textile engineering. Completion of this course provides students with immense opportunities with a chance to earn good money as well in the textile and clothing industry. Textile engineers are usually employed as plant managers and development engineers. Graduates also get jobs in sectors like design, textile testing and quality assurance, merchandising, new product development, commercial banks, customs etc.

European Union provides students with a Socrates program which sponsors the two year study program for textile technology. This program is aimed at increasing the interest of students in textile engineering and related technologies. The program aims at turning raw students in to budding professionals who can conquer the textile industry and provide industry with new innovation.

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