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With our intensive German learning course designed to help you speak and write like a native, you’ll be ready to have a fluent conversation in German in weeks!

Why Train with Upfluent?

Learn to Speak and Write German Fluently in 8-12 weeks

With our unique learning structure, you’ll find yourself speaking and writing fluent german in weeks. From having a basic conversation to work specific mastery, we have a course for everyone.

100% Guarantee of Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Exam Clearance!

You’ll have direct access to your instructors for personal assistance specially for the exam preparation. We offer a guaranteed result of your clearance of the max muller examination provided you give it your best.

Unlock Job and Education Opportunities in Germany

Get Instant access to the free education and exploding job opportunities in Germany with the new found skill of being able to fluently speak german and our partnership project where work with the concerned companies to bring you those exclusive opportunities.

German Fundamentals for Beginners

A1 + A2 Levels

The perfect package for beginners, this course will take you by the hand and teach you the fundamentals of the german language making you proficient enough to be able to hold simple conversations and understand the native language.

German Language Learning Levels

A1 Level

This is the lowest level of proficiency according to common European framework in reference to languages. You can use daily life general expressions such as hello(hallo), good morning(guten morgen) etc. You can also give your own basic introduction such as who are you, where do you live, hobbies , speak about your own family. You can use this level in a very simple way in order to communicate with the individual whosoever is willing to speak.

A2 Level

This is the second level of proficiency. You'll be able to communicate in this level in the most middle way since A1+A2 comprises of beginner levels. You can understand the feelings, taglines, restaurant areas, shopping complexes, education etc. You can also describe the things associated with it in a very precise and apparent way.

B1 Level

B1 is the third proficiency level on completion of which you'll be able to express focus on some topics such as work, school, hometown, partner, friendship, etc. You can also describe about your own experience related to vacation,dreams etc. This is the intermediate level. One can expect a respectable job in any MNC’s.

B2.1 Level

After successful completion of this level you can expect to become a specialist/expert in the language. This is the actual area of specialization and you’ll be able to communicate like with a native speaker. You’ll also have a detailed understanding of topics related to history, culture, different scientific and technical themes and explain your own opinion on the respective eras/issues.

B2.2 Level

On completion of this level, you’ll understand a wide range of challenging longer texts and various implicit meanings. You can converse in a more spontaneous and fluent way. You can build up more literacy text, poems and use German in your professional and social life.

C1 Level

On completion of this level, you’ll understand a wide range of challenging longer texts and various implicit meanings. You can converse in a more spontaneous and fluent way. You can build up more literacy text, poems and use German in your professional and social life.

Expert Faculty

Got Questions?


Here are some of the most common questions, along with the complete answers from our support experts.

We guarantee successful completion of the every level of German Proficiency that you’d want to master.

If you do not clear your particular level examination from Goethe institute in the first attempt for whatever reason then we do take wholesome assurance without charging any extra fees for a rigorous re-preparation of the exam.

We also provide online live classes in case you’re not able to attend them in person.

There is individual attention being paid to each and every students.

Our teaching module consists of READING, SPEAKING, WRITING, LISTENING AND GRAMMAR too.

We believe in morality and providing authentic and interactive session to all. There is a vast and supreme career in German language.

People are earning more than lakhs of rupees just by operating their freelancing business from homes and they are working in respectable, honored and dignified MNC’s such as Amazon, Siemens,Adidas,Wipro,fidelity Accenture etc. We want to open the same opportunities for you.

There is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to speak and write german fluently given our learning process and your dedicated effort.

German is a language which seems very difficult in the beginning but gets progressively easier.

Of course, learning a language as an adult isn’t the same thing as learning it as a child. The technique is entirely different.

Thus, it takes time for adults to get a feel for the language. Dedication with corresponding effort takes one a long way.

You can find information on all our upcoming batches on the batches page.

Yes, you can definitely pay in installments. If you’re going for a packaged level then you’ll have to pay 50% before your first class and the rest can be paid in installments as per your preferred course duration.

Goethe Institute/ Max Mueller Bhavan is the only certifying authority and all Your certificates will be provided by Max Mueller Bhavan.

We do provide enrollment certificate and completion certificate after successful completion of level.

After clearing this exam one gets the certificate which is recognizes worldwide. We prepare the students for the exam.

We focus on all the four parts that are required for the examination. You need to pay the requisite fee directly to the exam conducting authority. We will keep informing You about this exam.

Our classes are open to people of all ages and professions.

However, most of our students are people who are applying for Visa, going to Germany for further studies, for professional reasons or just want to live in german and have fluency for an easier life for the duration of their stay.

German is very simple and interactive language if one comprehends it and very tedious and boring if one memorizes it.

In our teaching method, one understands 90% and memorizes 10%.

We have week day, weekend and coporate types of batches and this is the complete time-frame for all the batches.

The number of days will extend only in extra and inevitable circumstances.

But if a student has been irregular and unpunctual, we do not guarantee any time-frame. We always welcome them with open arms to repeat the batch.

We do not and cannot offer 100% guaranteed jobs but we do make you proficient enough in german language that you can apply and be accepted on the basis of merit.

We also offer job assistance in collaboration with brands known for those services.

Yes, we do gaurantee the promised skill level as per your preferred courses and clearance of the Max muller exam even if it takes multiple attempts for the latter levels.

We do not have any hostels but we do have our extensive list of PGs nearby our institute to help you get cheap, safe accomodation for the duration of your courses.

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